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2022 Xmas Specials

Truffle Lover Gift Set


Best Truffle in Singapore, from Italy, to your table.

Truffles are truly special ingredients. They are pungent and unique, and we, Italians, can’t live a day without tasting those sophisticated nutty and earthy notes in our favorite meals. We are foodies and truffle lovers.

Molise, one of the smallest and most rural regions of Italy, is the Italian’s hidden gem of amazing foods. You’ll be surprised to learn that approximately 60% of Italian truffles come from our beautiful Molise, and that is also where the Timperio family grows and produces our extra virgin olive oil.

Truffles grow well in our region because of the hilly and forested characteristics of the Matese Mountains, which offer that uniquely balanced microclimate with rainfall and relatively cool temperatures that truffles flourish in. The green environment, pure air, and unspoiled natural habitat make it perfect for both white and black truffles to grow.

Molise’s truffles are the ultimate garnish for the superior cuisine that Singaporeans love. Our truffles are ideal to enhance any cooking and give every meal that special touch of luxurious indulgence. Grate it, slice it, just add a touch of it can surely make a meal like a hundred bucks without spending that much. We assure you this is the best truffle Singapore and Italy have ever tasted.

We want to share the joy of our 100% Made in Molise truffles with Singapore and the world. This is a truffle Singapore community will love, and we like to think that these are the best truffle Singapore has seen.

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