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Paccheri limited-edition Dolce & Gabbana by Pastificio Di Martino

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You can wear designer - and now you can eat it, too!

Enjoy a fashionable taste of the Italian region of Campania with Dolce & Gabbana’s limited-edition paccheri with Pasta Di Martino. Members of the Di Martino family have owned & run their family factory for more than 100 years since 1912. With a long-standing history in pasta-making, their ability to combine family tradition, technology, and a careful selection of raw materials is the true secret to the high quality of their pasta.


What makes D&G pasta by Pastificio di Martino so special, so unique?

D&G pasta by Pastificio di Martino is a top-quality artisanal pasta featured in a limited edition D&G-designed stunning packaging. The extrusion of the dough through a bronze die and the particular drying process at low temperature confers PGI Gragnano pasta a rough surface that enhances the seasoning and preserves the natural aroma of the wheat intact.

What makes Paccheri so good?

A great classic of the Neapolitan tradition, Paccheri pasta comes in a “tubes” shape that can be easily baked, sautéed, and topped with any imaginable sauce. The name paccheri comes from the Neapolitan dialect, which translated into Italian means a slap given with an open hand, but not in an aggressive way. This is the reason behind their name, which has been ascribed to a slapping sound they may make when eaten.

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For returns or special arrangements, get in touch with us to discuss at info@timperio.co. We ship worldwide!

Paccheri limited-edition Dolce & Gabbana by Pastificio Di Martino


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