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Amatriciana Ready-to-eat Sauce by Italianavera 250 gr


A tasty, ready-to-eat sauce for a quick and yummy pasta main!!

A ready-to-eat sauce featuring 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian tomatoes, olives and capers. A tasty, convenient, and healthy sauce that is ideal for a yummy, nutrient-dense, main of pasta.

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How can I use this ready-to-eat sauce?

To use the puttanesca ready-to-eat sauce, simply 1) Heat up the Puttanesca tomato sauce (low fire), 2) Cook the pasta (al dente) separately, 3)Transfer the cooked pasta to sauce, and mix together, 4) Drizzle on some Timperio Nobile or Organic Bio/Olio extra-virgin olive oil, 5) Serve immediately.

What makes ItalianaVera so special?

Italianavera tells a story of a territory and its products. Through the flavours and scents of the past, its tomatoes recall the simplicity of ritual gestures derived from ancient traditions. These fruits of the earth tell a story of Italy and all its facets, of the mother who cooks and the grandmother who prepares the Sunday lunch. This makes Italianavera much more than a brand: it is passion and femininity; it is attention and attention to every detail; it is a pleasure to try, taste and exhibit.

Shipping, returns, and special arrangements


  • Local: Orders within Singapore will take up to 3 business days to arrive.
  • Overseas: Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-16 business days.

For returns or special arrangements, get in touch with us to discuss at info@timperio.co. We ship worldwide!

Amatriciana Ready-to-eat Sauce by Italianavera 250 gr


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